Guidance for Online Application

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Guidance for Online Application

Step 1: Register an account and remember the account & password. Check your application process regularly in the system.


Step 2: When you choose a program, please go to the English website: to check which scholarship can be offered to the major you are interested in. Then choose the relevant scholarship program and find the type & major.


Step 3: After you find the major, then fill the information as the following:

I.Basic Info

1. Personal Photo: Please upload your recent full-faced passport size photo taken within the last 3 months (*.jpg,*.jpeg).

2. Family Name & Given Name: You need to fill exactly as your passport; If you have family name or given name only, you can skip the other blank; If there is only full name on your passport, you should separate the name into family name and given name by yourself.

3. Chinese name: Optional

4. Birth Date: Fill exactly as your passport

5. Employer or Institution Affiliated: You should fill the employer or Institution Affiliated at present. If you don’t have any employer of Institution, please fill None.

6. Occupation: You should fill your occupation at present. If you can’t find an appropriate occupation from the Options provided, please choose others and specify what you are doing.

7. Passport No. & Passport Expiry Date: Fill exactly as your passport

8. Other Basic Info: please fill in the information completely, accurately, accordingly.

II. Study Plan

1. Language Proficiency

1.1 Chinese Proficiency: If you choose Fair or Good or Excellent, please fill in your HSK or HSKK score and upload your HSK or HSKK certificate in “Other Documents upon Request ” HSK3 or above certificate should be provided if applying for the Chinese –taught program.

1.2 English Proficiency: If you are from non-English speaking countries, please fill in your IELTS or TOFLE score and upload your language transcript in “Other Documents Upon Request”. IELTS with 5.0 or above or other equivalent language proficiency certificate should be provided if applying for the English-taught program. Applicants who are from English speaking countries or received education more than 3 years in English can exempt from providing the relevant English language proficiency certificates.

2. Study Plan

Please choose the correct program and the instruction language. If you received an acceptance letter from the CTGU supervisor, please fill in the name and contacts, which will make your application more competitive. If you can’t find a supervisor, just leave this part, the relevant college can help to arrange one if they accept your application.

3. Recommender (Recommended by)

Please fill in the individual or institution’s information, who introduced CTGU to you. If you know it through websites, you can just fill in “website” or “none”.

III. Education & Employment

1. Educational Background: Undergraduate applicant should fill the education background from high school; Master’s and PhD applicants should fill it from Bachelor’s study background. The time period should be matched with the documents or certificates you submit.
If you have studied in China before or you are studying in China now, please fill the Name of the Institution and study period. Besides, you need to upload the following documents in “Other Documents upon Request”:
1.1 A certificate from the institution, the certificate sample can be downloaded from: ;
1.2 If your residence permit is still valid, please provide a Transfer Letter from the current institution;

2. Employment Background: Fill in your working experiences as complete as possible. A latest work certificate uploaded in section “Other Documents upon Request” will be preferred.

Your education & employment background should be continuous until present. If you had graduated from your last school long ago, please fill what you did after that and upload the working certificates in “Other Documents upon Request” if available. Even you didn’t do any job or just stay at home, please also write down it. If you do not have any supporting document, please provide a “Non-Criminal Record Certificate”.

3. Upload Documents
Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

3.1 The Passport Copy: Please upload the scanned copy of the photo page of your passport. If you had education or work experiences in China, Residence Permit and Visa page should be uploaded.

3.2 Highest Diploma: Please upload the scanned copy of the Graduation Certificates of the Highest Diploma in original color. A temporary certificate or a provisional certificate is not accepted. 

Prospective diploma recipients must submit official document issued by your current school to prove your current student status or expected graduation date.

3.3 Academic transcript: Please upload the Copy of Your Final Degree Transcript.

3.4 Study plan or Research proposal: For postgraduate applicants ONLY. If you have published some papers, please list the titles of the papers in it.

3.5 Health examination records: Please use the sample form to do the health examination. The sample form can be downloaded from:

3.6 Recommendation Letters: for postgraduate applicants only. The letters must include the title and contacts of the recommenders.

3.7 Financial support statement: all applicants include CSC or other scholarships should provide it. The sample form can be downloaded from:

3.8 Other Documents upon Request: If you have participated in any activities or won any prizes, you can upload the relevant certificates here which make your application more competitive.

IV. Additional Info

1. Family Members:Please fill your parents’ information correctly especially their phone numbers in case of any emergencies for contacting.

2. Financial Supporter: If you apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship Program, you can fill the information of CSC. Non-CSC applicants can fill the financial supporter information in accordance with the financial support statement. The financial supporter cannot be yourself.

3. Guarantor in China: The guarantor should be the person who can take responsibilities for your study in China. You can fill the information of your parent or the Recommender.

V. Contact Info

1. Home Country Address: Please fill in the true, correct and complete information.

2. Current Postal Address: Please fill in the true, correct and complete information.

3. How to Collect the Admission Notice: If you choose “Deliver to Address Provided in Application”, the address must be detailed to make sure you can receive the admission notice. If you choose “Collect from China Three Gorges University in Person”, please make sure it is yourself who come to collect; if it is your friend who comes to collect, you must write an authorized letter and sign on it before collecting.

VI. Tips for a Competitive Application:
1. Education background and working experience are complete & continuous till present.
2. Highest Diploma or degree certificate is complete & clear. An online checking link for the certificate will be preferred if available.
3. English or Chinese Language Proficiency Certificate will be preferred;
4. For Master and PhD applicants, a list of published papers in SCI, EI, SSCI journals and the like  will be preferred. Full copies of those papers shall be provided upon request.

VII. Reminder
1. All information and materials provided should be true and correct. You shall bear full responsibilities for the consequences caused by the false information you provided.
2. CSC seats are extremely limited, you are suggested to apply for other possible scholarship Programs at the same time in case you fail to be offered the CSC scholarship.
3. For those whose Chinese Language Proficiency can’t meet the admission requirements or who are not satisfied with the scholarship, are suggested to study one year Chinese Language in CTGU then apply again next year. The one year experience will help to increase the admission possibility next year. Please choose the Program of “China Three Gorges University Scholarship or Self-sponsored” to apply for the Chinese Language study.

Admission Steps for International Students: